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AdriaSun Rabac tourist agency offers quality tourist facilities for holidays in Istria, Croatia. Istria is the closest Mediterranean to Europe and Croatian region with a long tradition of tourism.

Almost all of the road routes of Istria lead to Pazin, in the very heart of the Istrian peninsula. From Pazin and its Kaštel above the spektakular abyss Pazinčica was once governed by the Pazin Count, the feud of the Austrian Habsburg House. Today the Kaštel is Ethnographic Museum of Istria and the Museum of the Town of Pazin.

Twenty minutes drive north will bring you to the beautiful Motovun, the town of Veli Jože. From the prehistoric one of the most important settlements of central Istria. Motovun is dominating the valley of the river Mirna and the famous Motovun forest, the best truffle site in the world.
Continue upstream towards Buzet, a valley that flows through the river Mirna, already inhabited in prehistoric times. Buzet was declared a truffle town, the unique fruit of this mystical land of Istria, which one simply needs to try in Istrian gastronomy.
In the vicinity of Buzet, visit Hum and the smallest city in the world! With a unique memorial complex dedicated to the old Croatian script and Glagolitic culture.

Beside the seaside regions and the sun beaches, if you love hiking and mountains, holiday in Istria, Croatia is the right choice. Especially central Istria. In just a few hours one of the many hiking trails will take you through the wooded slopes of Mount Ćićarija to Ucka, the nature park and the intact nature jewel. One of the last European places where bird lovers can enjoy the flying of the griffon vulture or the golden eagle.

If you go from Pazin to the south, the road will bring you to Žminj, where the old Istrian houses and farms are now becoming agrotourism, which in addition to the accommodation offer homemade Istrian cuisine with the recipes of our grandmothers

Continue south, you will come to Svetvincenat, the artistic center of this part of Istria. Travel to Central Istria, experience the scents and the atmosphere, experience the Istrian heritage, experience the journey through untouched nature and preserved heritage.


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