Apartment Rabac Istria / Private accommodation Rabac Istria

Private Accommodation Rabac, Labin, Apartment Rabac Istria for holidays and vacation. Discover why Istria is a favorite tourist destination and decide for vacation, with apartments for rent in Rabac and Labin. Our accommodation capacities are located in eastern Istria, where the blue sea embraces the green hills.
Apartment Rabac Istria with beautiful views and crystal clear sea. Book your private accommodation in Rabac, Labin, Istria. The Istrian peninsula, the nearest Mediterranean to Europe, is a beautiful peninsula for enjoying a multi-century cultural heritage with a vacation in almost untouched nature.
Mediterranean as it once was adapted to today’s tourist accommodation needs. AdriaSun Rabac, tourist agency provides rental services of tourist capacities without fee, and accommodation in comfortable apartments / private accommodation in Istria, especially at the site of Rabac and Labin.

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