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AdriaSun Rabac travel agency is located in Rabac. The Pearl of Kvarner, a well-known tourist center on the eastern coast of Istria, located about three and a half kilometers from Labin on the Kvarner Bay. The pleasant Mediterranean climate, enabled by excellent location in the protected bay from the winds, its picturesque stone houses, beautiful environment, and stunning views attracted travelers and holiday-makers already in the early 19th century.Tourism began to develop in the mid 20s of the 20th century when larger hotels were being built and rooms for rent in private homes started to be available. Like the rest of Istra, the intense development of tourism is taking place in the 1960s, by building hotels and apartments for accommodation, that is period when the beautiful Rabac with its pebble beaches and natural beauties gets the flattering name ‘Pearl of the Kvarner bay’.Today Rabac is a tourist center with a beautiful promenade along the sea, preserved Mediterranean vegetation, 15 hotels, apartment resorts, camps, excellent offer of private apartments for rent and many restaurants. With its excellent gastronomic, sports and entertainment offer, it offers great excursion opportunities, especially when it comes to sightseeing of preserved acropolis towns such as Labin, Plomin, Pićan, a journey making possible to almost touch the Medieval Istria.For those who want to spend their holidays at the sea, rest and enjoy the summer, Rabac is an ideal destination. Welcome.
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AdriaSun Rabac Tourist agency

provides rental services of tourist accommodation without commission. Offered accommodation is in high-quality facilities ie. private accommodation in facilities such as apartments / holiday homes with swimming pool / villas with pool in Istria. AdriaSun is active in the destinations of Rabac and Labin as well as other areas of Istria. To search and book accommodation follow the link here. Contact form is here. Welcome!

AdriaSun Rabac

Accommodation in Rabac. Rabac The Pearl of Kvarner, the most beautiful seaside of Istria, with kilometers of beaches.

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AdriaSun Rabac

Istria, Europe’s closest Mediterranean, Apartments for unforgettable moments on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia.

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AdriaSun Rabac

Holiday homes in an oasis of greenery, just a few minutes drive from the Mediterranean as it once was.

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